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12 in stock

We are providing the best walker with wheel to ease the patients in mobility. Our experts are highly professional and skilful in their respective duties. We are providing walker with two wheels which reaches the right height of the patients. Additionally, our walkers easily stick to the ground and you can grip them while standing. Our experts provide high-quality walkers with comfortable height and give you support to walk. Furthermore, our two-wheel walkers assist the patients to move in a right posture.

Our professional team:

Sight Pakistan is one of the leading medical suppliers in the healthcare industry. We are providing the best walker with wheel, to provide comfort and ease to our patients. In addition, our walker specially designs for those people who are suffering from injuries. Typically, these walkers use for aged people who are unable to walk and need support while walking. Moreover, we don’t compromise on the quality and provide services, all around Pakistan.

Our experts are highly qualified and experience and provide the best medical products, according to client’s specification. They are knowledgeable about all the medical products and give all the information about the products. Additionally, we deliver the medical equipment in a competent way with the prescribe time. We provide the best facilities to facilitate our clients. However, the client’s health and safety is our top priority.

Our walkers -increase flexibility and balance:

Our walker with wheels provide you support and maintain your balance while moving. They provide you dynamic balance in motion and lessen the tension on joints and muscles. In addition, we provide durable chairs to give our patients the confidence to move and continue your activities. Our walkers keep the whole body function and improve the flexibility of the lower as well as upper body. Furthermore, by using our walker you can easily maintain you dynamic balance and gives you flexibility in moving.


Our experts are highly professional and experience and provide top-quality services. We give our clients the opportunity to select the walker according to their needs and budget. Additionally, our walker price in Pakistan is comparatively low as compared to our competitors. Our experts deliver your medical products safely right on time. However, we provide effective and cost-effective services to gives our clients the peace of mind.

To order our versatile walkers with wheels, contact us. By visiting our website you can easily find our number on our website. To ask queries, you can also send us messages with your name and questions via our live chat systems. Moreover, for further details or information, call us.



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