About Us

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About Our company, “Sight Pakistan” Sells the best quality Medical Equipment. It provides sales and after-sales services for the highly demanded Electro-Medical Equipment in Hospitals, Clinics, Health Centers, Local Surgical Medical Equipment Markets all over Pakistan.

What do we do?

Sight Pakistan are completely committed to providing excellence in all aspects to deliver the best quality medical product for ours resected Clients.

The following are the most critical considerations or factors for our company’s success:

  • Sales Quality Medical Equipments 
  • Sales The Best Hospital Furniture
  • Sales Hospital Surgical Products
  • Installation Hospital Gas pipeline
  • Neonatal Medical Equipment Suppliers
  • Sales The Best Physiotherapy Equipment
  • Specialist Operation Theater products
  • Provide Best Intensive Care Unit (ICU) products
  • Dental products 
  • Lab Products 

Our Vision

To be your trusted health care partner.

Our Mission 

Our Mission Work and solutions attempt to improve the quality of life and the quality of work for all of our clients. Our primary concern is safety and efficiency.

Our Values

At Sight Pakistan, our core values are clarity, trust, respect, innovation, and excellence.

  • Clarity
    We are goal-oriented and results-oriented in all of our thoughts and actions, and we accept responsibility for the tasks and projects that we undertake.
    We ensure that we have been understood correctly by actively listening.
  • Respect
    We always treat each other with respect.
    We inspire a range of opinions while accepting and supporting decisions.
  • Innovation
    Too, improve outcomes and patient quality of life by combining innovative surgical solutions with world-class customer service.
  • Excellence
    To provide client healthcare that is excellent in terms of quality, service, and availability.

History of the Company

Sight Pakistan uses technical skills and hard work, such as ‘Hospital Solution Providers’ and after-sales and services providing services, to make famous in the local market.
Experienced engineers from the market are coming, part of handed Sight Pakistan becomes the most touching and famous service provider in the market.
Then after that, we were involved in sales with the help of other well-reputed importers & Local manufacturers our hardworking & qualified staff.
We expand our sales all over the country and provide spare parts & after-sales services. Also, we established a well-organized Dealers network in the whole region that became a critical part of our team without expense.
We started multiplying after starting our own imported equipment & devices, and we make offices in Lahore, Karachi & followed by the showrooms in Lahore & Karachi.
We feel the pride to affirm that we are the “Hospital Solution Providers” who can convert a just constructed building into a well-equipped hospital.
We are the largest Services Provider in Pakistan with vast spare parts of all manufacturers, and other services companies also bought parts from us instead of import directly. We don’t only deal in the supply of parts or equipment but also have the privilege to provide after-sales services when required.
We’ve powerful and Skilled Technical Engineering staff to provide satisfactory after-sales services to our valuable clients. We also deal in spare parts of all instruments and equipment.